GIDHR: on the World Health Day, Bahrain's prisons are overcrowded with prisoners of conscience exposing them to the danger of Novel Coronavirus

April 2020
The world celebrated its Health Day this year amid Covid 19 pandemic.  Governments are taking exceptional measures to ensure the safety of their people and to slow down the spread of Novel Coronavirus, one of which is releasing prisoners to maintain their well-being, and thus the well being of all the society.

GIDHR & 66 organizations call on the Bahraini authorities to respond to the High Commissioner's call to release all prisoners of conscience who are at risk of the Corona pandemic

April 2020

Activist Evan Jones to Bahraini Gov't: All Political Prisoners should be Released

April 2020
Activist Evan Jones sent a clear message to the Bahraini government in which he said that COVID-19 is a global pandemic and that all political prisoners should be released, explaining that "this is not about political pressure, but human decency and providing essential health care protections to individuals inside Bahrain's borders."

Brian Dooley to GIDHR: Prisoners Contracting Coronavirus would Harm Ruling Family Reputation, Gov’t Should Release Them

April 2020
Activist Brian Dooley from Human Rights First said that we are in a new context because of the Coronavirus, indicating that "people, like Naji Fateel and other human rights defenders, should not be imprisoned with or without the virus."

Phil Robertson from HRW to Bahraini Gov't: Prisons will be Container Boxes for COVID-19 if you Don't Release Prisoners

April 2020
Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch in South Asia urged the Bahraini government to release prisoners after the Coronavirus outbreak.

Australian MP Fiona Patten: Keeping Prisoners in Bahraini Prisons is HR "Travesty"

April 2020
Australian MP Fiona Patten described keeping prisoners in Bahraini prisons as a human rights "travesty".

Former Head of RCSI Bahrain to GIDHR: Political Dissenters should be Granted Amnesty

May 2020
Professor Tom Collins, former Head of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland in Bahrain, said "all medics, all over the world, should call on regimes to grant political dissenters an amnesty."