• Yahya Alhadid (President)

    Yahya Alhadid is the president of Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR). Yahya Alhadid is a human rights defender and advocate of democratic change and reform in the Gulf States.

    Since 2011, Yahya Alhadid participated in several human rights workshops, seminars, and conferences; in addition to his participation in founding Bahrain Forum for Human Rights (BFHR) in Beirut / Lebanon. He continued to work with BFHR until September 2015 following he moved to Australia and founded GIDHR. He also held various managerial positions in several institutions.

    Yahya Alhadid is one of the human violations victims in Bahrain, his citizenship was revoked with a group of activists because of their anti-government opinions and their activism in revealing the human rights violations.

    He is based in Australia.

  • Fatima Yazbek (Secretary & Head of the Committee on Reports and Studies)

    Fatima Yazbek is the secretary and heads the committee on reports and studies in GIDHR, with a strong focus on reporting and documenting the human rights violations in the Gulf, and in Bahrain in particular. She supervises the reports and studies which document the human rights violations in the Gulf, particularly in Bahrain. She also prepares the human rights monthly newsletter which documents the most prominent human rights news and violations throughout the entire month.

    Fatima Yazbek has worked in Awal Centre for Studies and Documentation, in addition to her work as a freelance translator in more than one institutions.

    She is based in Australia.

  • Ghassan Khamis (Head of the Committee of the International Relations)

    Ghassan Khamis heads the committee of the international relations in GIDHR. He works to establish a network of relationships with the human rights and international organisations and relevant governmental bodies, inside and outside Australia, in order to form a pressure group seeking to enhance the human rights situation in the Gulf, particularly in Bahrain.

    Ghassan Khamis was the Chairman of the Bahraini Australian Youth Movement between 2011 and 2016. It aimed to raise the awareness of the Australian community about what was happening in Bahrain, in cooperation with other human rights organisations.

    He is based in Australia.