Amnesty: Saudi Arabia-led coalition uses banned Brazilian cluster munitions on residential areas


Amnesty International said, in a report it released Thursday (March 9, 2017) it has corroborated new evidence the Saudi Arabia-led coalition recently fired Brazilian-manufactured rockets containing banned cluster munitions striking three residential areas and surrounding farmland in the middle of Sa’da city, injuring two civilians and causing material damage.

“Cluster munitions are inherently indiscriminate weapons that inflict unimaginable harm on civilian lives,” said Lynn Maalouf, Director of Research at the Beirut regional office. She pointed out that the use of such weapons is prohibited by customary international humanitarian law under all circumstances.

“How many more civilians need to be killed, injured, or see their property destroyed through use of these internationally banned weapons, before the international community condemns the use of cluster munitions by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition and pressures coalition members to immediately become parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions?” said Lynn Maalouf.

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