GULF INSTITUTE for Democracy and Human rights Calls Upon International Organizations to Save the Civilians of Al-A’awameya


Al-A’awameya is one of the villages of Al Kateef district, it is located in the eastern side of Saudi Arabia. The village has been tightly besieged by the Saudi Security Forces. Access points to the village have been blocked. Besides, Al-Maswara historical and tourist quarter has been destructed, and the residents have been displaced.

No doubt, the village which has been besieged since 3 days, has become a battle zone. The offensive campaign is targeting the civilians by shooting fire guns and attacking residential areas. Houses, shops, and cars have been burnt. Furthermore, medical teams are not allowed to reach the wounded.

Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR) expresses its utmost condemnation of the imposed siege by the Saudi Forces against the civilians of Al-A’awameya which violates basic standards of human rights and  international conventions. The Institute considers this blockade as a collective sanction, systematically led by the security forces against the residents of the entire village. This orchestrated campaign aims at frightening civilians, isolating them and suspending their daily activities.

GIDHR slams these violations by the Saudi forces during its current offensive blockade, through targeting civilians and damaging their properties. These arbitrary violations are not but atrocities against humanity. It is worth mentioning that among the victims  children and old people. GIDHR calls upon the secretary general of the United Nations, and the Human Rights council to take immediate and urgent measures to save the lives of civilians in Al-A’awameya, and to cease these heinous violations. In addition, it urges International Human Rights Organizations to fulfill its responsibilities, in order to put an end to the imposed aggressive siege against the village of Al-A’awameya.


Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human rights (GIDHR)

May 12th 2017