Thai authorities are pushing to extradite Australian-based refugee footballer to Bahrain

11 December 2018 – A Thai court decided to extend the detention of Hakeem Al- Araibi for 60 more days so Immigration Department can prepare his extradition to Bahrain.
Thailand is fighting desperately to send Al-Araibi to Bahrain, where he will certainly face torture, to protect its economic and political relations with Bahrain.
Commenting, Yahya Alhadid, President of GIDHR, said “there is no legal justification to pursue Hakeem Al-Araibi in Thailand. The court decision to extend his detention for 60 more days is illegal. Al-Araibi is an Australian resident and was granted asylum in Australia. His trial in Thailand is unfair”.
“We urge the Australian authorities to put maximum pressure on Thailand to allow Al-Araibi return back home safely. We repeat our demand to grant him citizenship so we can save his life,” he added.