Fatima Yazbek to ABC radio: Princess Latifa has been Abducted

Commenting on the video recorded by Dubai princess Latifa Al Maktoum in which she is seeking for help, Fatima Yazbek of Australian-based Gulf Institute For Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR) said that it’s clear that princess Latifa has been abducted.

“We knew about the case of princess Latifa for a while, but releasing these videos again proves more that princess Latifa is not in a good place. She explained about her miserable conditions that she is living in, like she is jailed in her own house by her own father. The decision of her friends to release the video indicates that princess Latifa might be in danger, or might be in much worse conditions.”

Furthermore, Fatima Yazbek continued to say” United Arab Emirates usually promotes themselves as a country of tolerance, so, how does a king or a ruler of a country treat his people if he is treating his own daughter by this cruelty.”

To listen the interview, visit www.abc.net.au