Bahraini Human Rights Organizations release a List of 33 Prisoners’ Names demanding the divulgence of their Fate and calling for an Urgent Response to the Request of the UN Rapporteurs to visit Bahrain

Post-bloody attack in Bahrain’s Jau Prison this afternoon, Bahraini human rights organizations release a list of 33 prisoners’ names demanding the divulgence of their fate and calling for an urgent response to the request of the UN Rapporteurs to visit Bahrain.

Prisoner Saeed Abdul-Imam was seen from the Abu Saiba area, being carried by the Special Forces to an unknown destination outside the ward. According to reports, the brutal attack was led by Officer Ahmed Al Hammadi and Officer Muhammad Abdul Hamid, and the Special Forces were filming the attack in addition to the surveillance cameras already in the prison wards. The prisoners were deprived of breakfast as punishment.

Three Bahraini human rights organizations have received eyewitness testimonies from Building 12 and Building 13 located at Jau Central Prison, where an attack initiated by Special Forces this afternoon took place. The Special Forces hurled sound bombs at the prisoners and struck them with batons – as they specifically targeted the face, dozens of prisoners were left beaten bloody, left to lie in the corridor of Building 13, which was pooling with their blood. At Abu Subai’, prisoner Sa’id Abdul-Imam was seen carried by the Special Forces to an unknown destination past the prison ward. According to reports, the brutal attack was led by officer Ahmed Al-Hamadi and officer Muhammed Abd Al-Hameed. The Special Forces were filming the attack, in addition to the surveillance cameras that are set up in the prison wards. Furthermore, the prisoners were deprived of an iftar meal as punishment. 

It is worth noting that the prisoners in Building 12 and Building 13 were in a sit-n two weeks ago, after the death of fellow prisoner, Abbas Mal Allah, due to medical negligence and lack of healthcare. Further, the prison administration used the spread of COVID-19 in Jau Central Prison to impose further restrictions, such as preventing the prisoners from communicating with their families. 

The Special Forces had informed the striking prisoners in the building that their presence was illegal, and the Special Forces were fully prepared to use excessive force. After the prisoners retorted that they wanted their rights, they were slowly approached by the Special Forces, who were carrying handcuff. The prisoners, whose hands were clasped to each other as a sign of their non-violence and their amicability, were then tied up by the chains used by the Special Forces. The prisoners were then attacked using the aforementioned excessive force. After the attack took place – which deeply wounded and severely injured many prisoners – 34 prisoners were transferred to an unknown destination, their fate unknown. 

Accordingly, the human rights organizations signatories to this statement place the responsibility of the incident and the safety of the prisoners on the government of Bahrain, and the Minister of Interior in particular, and call on the government once again to urgently respond to the request of the UN Rapporteurs, especially the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment to visit the country. 

Below are the names noted to have been taken to an unknown destination:

  1. Tareq Al-‘Alwani 
  2. Ali Mehdi
  3. Ali Abdullah Al-Zakki
  4. Ali Hassan Al-‘Aradi
  5. Sayyed Alawi Al-Wada’i
  6. Sa’id Abdul-Imam
  7. Hassan Al-Shuwaikh
  8. Murtadha Khattem
  9. Sayyed Ridha Sayyed Ali
  10. Hussein Al-Jaziri
  11. Hassan Muhammed Ali Al-Zakki
  12. Hussein Al-Sari
  13. Sayyed Muhammed Majid Al-‘Abbar
  14. Sayyed Muhammed Hadi Al-‘Abbar
  15. Ahmed Al-Sukkar
  16. Muhammed Al-Sukkar
  17. Mahmood Hameed
  18. ‘Alaa Nassif
  19. Sadiq Abu-Alheera
  20. Hassan Al-Saffar
  21. Muhammed Hussein
  22. Hassan Al-Shuwaikh
  23. ‘Eissa Mesh’al
  24. Jalal Al-Wazeer
  25. Sameer Abu-Sakkin
  26. Ali Al-Janbi
  27. Sa’id Ali Al-‘Attar
  28. Muhammed Ridha Lu’lui
  29. Sayyid ‘Adnan Sayyid Majed
  30. Sayyid Shabber ‘Alawi
  31. Hassan Muhammed Hassan 
  32. Sayyid Ja’afer Sayyid Talebb
  33. Tareq Ja’afer Ali


Bahrain Forum on Human Rights, SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights, and the Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights.