Yemen: Prisons Beyond the Boundaries of Humanity

Yemen Prisons Beyond the Boundaries of Humanity

Through a series of reports, GIDHR has been monitoring the human rights situation in Yemen since the start of the Saudi-led war in March 2015. In this report, the organization provides verified information on a particular category of violations caused by nearly eight years of war in Yemen, which has been led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. This war caused thousands of civilian casualties, created a catastrophic humanitarian situation, suppressed public rights and freedoms, and deprived Yemenis of the most basic life necessities.

Since the start of military operations in Yemen, the Saudi and Emirati forces have been deployed to many Yemeni cities, islands, and regions. These deployments resemble a form of direct occupation through which the occupiers control public aairs, exploit resources and wealth, and have actual control over the management of all of the cities’ and areas’ capabilities.

These cities and areas had fallen under the full control of Saudi and Emirati military leaders and political figures who extended their influence using military and security formations. These were deployed throughout the cities and regions of southern Yemen, several strategic islands, and the city of Marib in the north.

Throughout the war, the Saudi-Emirati coalition took control of the city of Aden and established dozens of secret prisons. They also took control of Hadhramaut and turned Al-Rayyan airport and the port of Dabh into secret prisons. In Shabwa, the Emirati forces turned the Balhaf oil facility into a secret prison.

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