Reprieve calls on the Bahraini authorities to confirm the whereabouts of two death row inmates

Mohamed Ramadhan and Husain Marzooq, two death row prisoners in Bahrain’s Jau Prison, have been assaulted and disappeared following a raid on their block, Reprieve said on 18 May 2023. The organization further explained that on 14 May prison guards entered Jau’s Building 1, violently attacked prisoners and destroyed their belongings. Mohamed and Husain were removed from the block – their whereabouts are unknown.

The organization further indicated that the families of the two death inmates are worried sick, not knowing where they are being held, if they are in solitary confinement or being tortured.

The Bahraini authorities must immediately confirm Mohamed’s and Husain’s whereabouts, ensure that detainees receive medical assistance, and investigate the actions of the officers responsible for this attack.


Source: Reprieve