Dozens of Detainees Starts an Open Hunger Strike in Jaw Prison

Dozens of Bahraini detainees housed at the Jaw Central Prison announced that they started an open hunger strike due to their sufferings behind bars. Their statement is as follow

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

O God, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad

The captive movement at the Jaw Central Prison in our proud Bahrain is witnessing a specific phase of its just fight.
The prison administration, under the direction of the Khalifa’s authority, restricted us as prisoners, encroaching upon the most basic rights that even prisoners of war enjoy, violating the international covenants it has acceded to, its written constitution, and the list of prisoners’ rights at the prison administration.

All of this was violated and severely crushed, disregarding the rights of the prisoners and even their human dignity, which has been repeatedly trampled by unjust decisions, including:

  1.  The unjust isolation of a number of prisoners and deprivation of many of their rights, including the freedom to commemorate religious rites. Moreover, prisoners are placed for long periods in solitary confinement for trivial reasons, and during this period psychological and physical humiliation is practiced against them on a daily basis.
  2. The suffocating daily program that keeps the prisoners twenty-three hours a day inside the cell, while the prisoners are taken out for one hour a day, during which they have to fulfill all their needs, including making phone calls, hanging clothes, doing sports, and getting some air and sun light. In addition, the prisoners are not taken out to pray in congregation in the prayer room of the building.
  3. The unjust visitation system with its glass barrier and the reduced time and number of visits, as well as the prevention of uncles, and even nephews and nieces from visiting.


Let us not forget our wasted right to education, with a hateful political intention to make us ignorant, as well as our right to health care, as it is no secret to anyone that the health situation is in crisis, and the martyrdom of martyr Muhammad Al-Aali is proof of that.
Therefore, after we exhausted all means to restore our rights, it was necessary to take the following step:

Open hunger strike under the slogan “We have a right”, inspired by the saying of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), and inspired by the lessons of Ashura and Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).

Our demands are not entertainment-related, but very necessary and are basic human life needs, even at the lowest levels known to human history.

What is required of our proud and resistant people is to stand united with this event in the media and on the ground.

And as His Eminence, Father Ayatollah Qassim, said: Their imprisonment is a prison for all of us, and their ordeal is our ordeal; what affects our dignity affects the dignity of all of our people, so protect the dignity.

May God grant us success

Issued by Bahraini detainees at the Jaw Central Prison – The Coordinating Committee