Meeting with a New South Wales’s State Attorney


On Wednesday, 7 September 2016, a delegation from the Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR) have met Mr. David Cherbourg; the Australian Green Party’s representative in the New South Wales Parliament.

Mr. Cherbourg has shown his interest in the revocation of some Bahraini citizen’s nationality; particularly the human rights and political activists. He has also emphasised that he will reveal this issue in media.

Further, Mr. Cherbourg has promised to be a mediator between the GIDHR and the Australian Representative in the Human Rights Council in Geneva to advocate the Bahraini cause.

On the issue of the “I Omniscient” ; the Australian company that has signed a partnership contract with the American company BELCO and the Bahraini company LSS; to provide the Bahrain Interior Ministry advance surveillance technology to suppress peaceful protests demanding democracy. Mr. Cherbourg has vowed to diplomatically intervene in order to halt the exportation of this equipment, to Bahrain. He has also requested GIDHR to conduct a comprehensive file on this matter, to be referred to, if necessary.

For their part, the GIDHR’s delegation promised Mr. David Chouburg to prepare all the requested files and the information, as well as the GIDHR periodic reports issued on the Bahraini human rights situation.