GIDHR from the University of Sydney: “Revoking Citizenship in Bahrain: the Silent Execution”


Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR) in coordination with Amnesty International and University of Sydney, organised, on November 11, 2016, a seminar “Revoking Citizenship in Bahrain: the Silent Execution”.

The seminar began with a video from SBS TV archive addressing revoking the citizenship of Sayed Alawi Al-Biladi because of demanding political reform through social media outlets.

Fiona Bachman, the committee board member at Amnesty International – Sydney, discussed Amnesty International’s annual reports of the current and the previous year to compare the increase in the human rights violations in Bahrain.

Ghassan Khamis, the head of the international relations committee in GIDHR, reviewed GIDHR report issued earlier this year about revoking citizenship in Bahrain.

Yahya Alhadid, the president of GIDHR, reported the Bahraini authorities’ usage of revoking citizenship as a weapon to punish the political and human rights activists and their families, what obliged many of them to leave the country.

Dr Mohammed Wahbi, the specialist in Arabic political affairs in University of Sydney, concluded the seminar considering that the policy of importing change doesn’t really make change, because the people and the society are the major motive of change. “The society is affected by the economic and social pressures, the revolution in Bahrain was affected by the Arabic Spring revolutions. It has lightly affected Saudi Arabia, and there are some opponents in the Gulf had emerged after the evolution in Bahrain,” he said.