Visit to the Vice-Chairman of the Polish Ambassador

On Tuesday, 23 January 2018, a delegation from the Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR) have visited the Polish Embassy in the Australian capital Canberra and met the Vice-Police Ambassador in Australia.
The visit has focused on the unfair prosecution against the opposition leader and the Secretary-General of the Islamic National Society (al-Wefaq); Sheikh Ali Salman and his new politically motivated charges.
The GIDHR’s delegation have also delivered a letter addressed to the Polish Ambassador. The letter has highlighted the escalating death penalty sentences, in Bahrain, despite the various suspicions that question this trials’ integrity; which do not match the minimum international standards of fair trial.
The GIDHR’s letter has urged the Polish Ambassador to demand his government to exert effective efforts on Bahrain to abolish its arbitrary verdicts and to put an end to the constant human rights violations in the country.
Further, the Polish embassy’s officials have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the GIDHR and to deliver the letter to the specialised officials.