Amnesty: Bahraini Student in Detention Alleges Torture


Amnesty International said on Wednesday (March 29, 2017) that Bahraini student Ali Mohamed Hakeem al-Arab, who was arrested on 9 February and taken to the Criminal Investigations Directorate, alleged he was tortured and forced to “confess.”

According to Amnesty International’s information, when Ali al-Arab arrived at Dry Dock prison on 7 March he was taken to the prison’s administration office and told to kiss the boot of an officer. When he refused, he was repeatedly beaten on both legs. Due to the pain in his legs, he had difficulty standing and was only able to pray while sitting down. Later that day, he was seen being taken in a wheelchair to the prison clinic. Witnesses have also reported seeing Ali al-Arab’s toenails growing back from the nail root.

Amnesty International called for a prompt, impartial, independent and effective investigation into Ali al-Arab’s torture allegations – including an examination by a medical expert acting in accordance with professional independence – and bring anyone suspected of responsibility to justice in proceedings that respect international fair trial standards.

It also appealed the Bahraini authorities to ensure he has access to any medical care he requires and is not subjected to further torture or other ill-treatment, and to grant Ali al-Arab immediate access to his lawyer and adequate facilities to prepare a defense, including access to all evidence held by the prosecution


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