Amnesty: Suspending Human Rights Restrictions on U.S. Arms Sale to Bahrain Sends Dangerous Message


Sunjeev Bery, an advocacy director with Amnesty International USA, said that suspending US arms sale to Bahrain sends a dangerous signal to Bahrain and all other countries that engage in serious human rights violations.


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will reportedly lift human rights conditions on an arms sale to Bahrain, despite that country’s record of oppression against dissidents and participation in a Saudi-led coalition that has bombed thousands of civilians in Yemen.


In a statement released on Thursday (March 30, 2017), Bery noted that “while getting weapons from the U.S., Bahrain’s government is silencing critics at home and participating in a military coalition that is bombing civilians in Yemen”.


“These deals place the U.S. at risk of being complicit in war crimes, and discourage other countries, like Saudi Arabia, from addressing their own human rights records,” Bery pointed out.


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