GIDHR addresses US President on the eve of Sheikh Ali Salman’s trial

The Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR) addressed U.S President Donald Trump, in a letter issued yesterday (Monday 18 June 2018), on the eve of Sheikh Ali Salman’s trial on 21st of June 2018. Sheikh Salman is a prominent Bahraini opposition figure detained since 28 December 2014.
“Sheikh Salman is well-known for his peaceful and moderate political speech throughout all his political life. He has been described as a symbol for non-violence and peace,” the letter said.
“There is a firm belief that Sheikh Ali Salman has been targeted for expressing his political views publicly, for defending the right to political participation, arguing against corruption and oppression, as well as demanding democracy, political reforms, social justice and equality among the people of Bahrain,” it continued.
GIDHR considered Sheikh Salman’s right to a fair trial was violated since the very first day of his arrest, pointing out that Ms Navi Pillay described his trial as a “political persecution.”
The American administration, which was the main party in the US-Gulf initiative, is aware that Sheikh Ali Salman’s call with the Qatari former prime minister, which Bahrain’s Public Prosecution based itself on, was part of the aforementioned initiative,” GIDHR added.
GIDHR concluded its letter calling upon the American administration to exert pressure on the Government of Bahrain to release Sheikh Salman and all the political prisoners unconditionally; drop all the charges against him; halt all human rights violations, hold perpetrators accountable, and compensate the victims; and end all forms of discrimination; set a national dialogue with all the opposition parties.
From his side, Yahya Alhadid, GIDHR President, said: “Sheikh Ali Salman’s trial is a political trial lacking all the international standards of fair trial and reveals Bahrain judicial system unfair.”
“The international cover provided by U.S administration, along with other allies, to the Government of Bahrain encourages its continuous pursuit of targeting the opponents, oppressing freedoms, and violating the people of Bahrain’s rights,” he added.
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