BFHR Annual Report Monitors 2165 Victims of Violations During 2017


The annual report published on Thursday by the Bahrain Forum for Human Rights (BFHR) documented 2,165 cases involving grave abuses throughout the course of last year.

The detailed 535-page report records the most significant spike in violation last May, when Bahraini security forces attacked a peaceful sit-it outside the home of Bahrain’s highest religious authority Sheikh Isa Qassim and killed five people.

By year’s end, there were a total of 1,694 Bahrainis arbitrarily detained.

Security services also carried out 1049 warrantless raids on private residences.

Meanwhile, 1414 anti-regime protests were attacked and 107 injuries recorded due to the excessive use of force by police.

Other findings by the BFHR include hundreds of articles published in state-run newspapers that incite hatred against human rights defenders, political activists, civil society as well as political and religious associations.

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