GIDHR urging Bahrain to release Zakeya Al-Barboury and Hajar Mansour: Bahraini women are victims of violations since 2011

4 February 2020 – Zakeya Al-Barboury and Hajar Mansour are behind bars in Bahrain serving sentences over political based charges.
Bahraini authorities are using their judiciary system to punish their opponents and impose strict security measures in an attempt to silence the critical voices in the country.
Hajar Mansour is serving a 3-years sentence even though she did not commit any offence. In December 2019, 5 UN experts called on Bahrain to release her considering that her arrest is a revenge of her son-in-law’s activism.
Zakeya Al-Barboury is serving a 5-years sentence over political motivated charges following an illegal raid on her house in May 2018. Her confessions were extracted under illegal circumstances.
Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry reported that many citizens were threatened of sexually assaulting their female relatives in order to extract confessions. These cases were documented in paragraphs: 1190; and appendix number 2, cases number: 7, 18, 26, 37 & 52.
The violations against the Bahraini women ranged between extrajudicial killings (Baheya -Aradi as an example), torture & ill treatment,
arbitrary arrest, arbitrary expells from work, & prosecutions, etc…
The Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights urges Bahrain to drop all the charges against Hajar Mansour and Zakeya Al-Barboury and release them along with all the prisoners of conscience.