Death Penalty in Bahrain: Failure of Justice


Death penalty is regarded as one of the extremist convictions. It is also one of the crucial sentences as almost all human rights organizations call for outlawing death penalty. These organisations strongly believe that no individual has the privilege to violate the sanctity of others’ right to life. Although (130) country worldwide cease or impose a moratorium on execution, it is still legalized in certain countries.

Death penalty is still confirmed in the kingdom of Bahrain. Dozens of pro-democracy citizens; who peacefully demonstrate against the repressive regime, were sentenced to death. They were prosecuted in martial courts throughout the emergency period, in 2011. Then, the civil courts continue to issue death penalties against many citizens, while the government turns blind eyes on the so called “Security Forces” men who are deliberately involved in murdering innocent civilians, whether torturing them while in prisons or targeting them by shotguns firing birdshots, during the peaceful protests, on daily basis.

The Higher Criminal Court had issued three death penalties in February,26 2015 against three Bahrainis at a trail called “Al Dayeh Blast”, on charges of killing three of the security men, among them an Emirati officer called Tarek Al Chehi.

In December 4 2017, the court of appeals in its sixth hearing affirmed the death sentences against the three defendants. The international community demanded to cease the implementation of the decree, which based on illegal methods, due to the allegations of unfair trail, and reliance on ‘confessions’ extracted under severe torture.

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