Muhanna Describes How He was Arrested from Street: I Thought they were Criminals

Activist Ali Muhanna recounted new details about his arrest from the street last night, expressing bewilderment at the security forces actions.

Muhanna said that while he was going home in his car, suddenly the car in front of him stopped, and the car on his left stopped as well. A group of men came down from the cars, screamed at him and surrounded his car. Some of them rode in his car. Muhanna noted that the street was completely closed.

“I thought they were criminals who wanted to kill or steal me, and then I was surprised when someone said (I am a policeman) and showed me his card and asked for my residence card. I barely understood that they were policemen, not criminals.”

Muhanna wondered about their act and said if they summoned me, I’d go to them without delay, as it happens every time. “Did they want to send a message of intimidation?” he asked.

Source: Bahrain Mirror