GIDHR Visited Embassy of Switzerland in Australia

A delegation from Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR) visited, yesterday(Wednesday, February 22, 2017), the Embassy of Switzerland in the Australian Capital Canberra.
The delegation, including Yahya Alhadid, GIDHR President; Fatima Yazbek, Head of the Committee on Reports and Studies; and Ali Alawi, Head of Monitoring Committee, met Mr Daniel Haener, Deputy Head of Mission, and discussed the human rights situation in Bahrain in the context of strengthening the ties with the international community.
They, also, discussed the extrajudicial killing cases in Bahrain, restrictions imposed on religious freedom and peaceful assembly, in addition to the human rights and political activism.
Furthermore, the issue of the coning UPR of Bahrain was raised and recommendations on religious freedom, and human rights activism were discussed.
Mr Haener welcomed cooperating with GIDHR trying to enhance the human rights situation in Bahrain. He, also, insisted on the importance of respecting human rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.