Meeting with the Australian Former Ambassador in Riyadh


On Monday, 30 April 2018, a delegation from the Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR) have visited the responsible for the Arab Gulf state’s affairs, in the Middle East Department of the Australian Foreign Ministry.

The meeting has been attended by Yahiya al-Hadeed, Ghassan Khamis, and Fatimah Yazbek; in lieu of GIDHR. Mr. Tom Wilson has represented the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the former Australian Ambassador in Riyadh along with two officials concerned on the Middle East and the Arab Gulf state’s affairs.

The meeting has been initiated by presenting the GIDHR’s objectives, vision and work mechanisms. The delegation have expressed their gratitude and appreciation on Australia’s ongoing support for the people of Bahrain.

Further, the head of GIDHR; Mr. Yahya al-Hadeed has voiced the sharp escalation of human rights violation in Bahrain. Mr. al-Hadeed has condemned the increasing death penalty sentences and the unfair trial of Sheikh Ali Salman and Nabil Rajab.

The meeting, in addition, has dissected the issue of the exiled Bahraini activists whose citizenships have been revoked, the commitment to highlight and urgently tackle their humanitarian case and the countries’ obligation to grant them the right to asylum.

The delegation have requested the Australian Foreign Ministry to effectively cooperate with the GIDHR in order to issue joint international stance against the Government of Bahrain’s continuous human rights violations; especially in the coming Human Rights Council’s sessions.

Moreover, the GIDHR’s delegation recommended the Australian Foreign Ministry to adopt an initiative that issue a joint statement to pressure the Government of Bahrain in order to approve off and facilitate the United Nations Special Rapporteurs’ unconditional visit to the prisons of Bahrain.

For his part, Mr. Wilson has expressed his deep gratitude to the GIDHR, which provide the Australian Foreign Ministry with their periodic reports, information and recent updates on the human rights situation in Bahrain and in the Arab Gulf region, in general.

Mr. Wilson has also appreciated the GIDHR’s efforts to highlight for the international community Bahrain’s human rights situation, from their headquarter in Australia. As well as he has welcomed cooperation with the GIDHR and requested to continually provide the Ministry with their recent reports and information.

Finally, Mr. Wilson has dissected the Saudi Crown Princes Mohammed bin Salman recent reforms and its impact on the rights situation in Saudi Arabia.